Dubai tourism is all about the futuristic charm of modern skyscrapers, legendary nightlife, exotic landscapes, and desert safaris. Lying on the Persian Gulf’s South-East coast, a tour to this largest and the most popular city of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) with our Dubai tour guide is going to be an experiential one. Being the Emirate of Dubai’s capital, it’s a city bustling with life. Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Fort, and Palm Islands are top tourist places in Dubai. To plan your excursion well in advance, get a Dubai tourist map for yourself, and start exploring the city at your own pace!

Dubai is one of the most preferred tourist destinations. Dubai is a luxurious tourist destination, and  tourists always have a desire to visit premium places in the world. To put it in numbers, according to official Dubai tourism data, a total of 290,000 tourists visited Dubai in the first quarter of 2019. This numbers alone show the popularity and preferences of Dubai among tourists all over the world. Apart from tourism, Dubai is an iconic city for the people of the business community. So along with enjoying the holidays, the city is letting people make money and conduct their business.

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Top Places In Dubai

Burj Khalifa
Dubai Museum
Burj Al Arab Jumeirah
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