The land of pizza, gelato, beautiful blue water, vineyards amid rolling hills, and so, so much history. You could travel for a lifetime in this incredible country and never get bored. If there’s one city that tops every list of the best places to visit in Italy, it’s Rome. The seat of Europe’s greatest empire, the chaotic capital of modern Italia, and the home of the Catholic church is one of the most fascinating destinations on the planet. And you’ll find most of the top Italy landmarks in a walkable grid of streets right in the city center!

As Italy is a peninsula largely located in the Mediterranean Sea, it has over 7,600 kilometers of coastline with some amazing beaches. The population of Italy is a little over 60 million people. That makes Italy the world’s 23rd country by population. After Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, Italy is the fourth most populated country in Europe. 

The country takes on a distinctive charm of its own in winter. You can go on relaxed breaks in its amazing cities and spend your evenings in cozy wine bars or have an adventure on its majestic snow-capped mountains and exciting alpine ski runs. Italy has something for everyone – from spectacular cities and ancient ruins to glorious museums and delicious local cuisine

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Top Places In Italy

Capri Island
Pisa & Lucca
Tuscan Hill Towns