Although considered a small country, there’s many places worth a visit in the Netherlands. In this article I’ve laid out some of the best places for you. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration on where to go in the Netherlands.

Of course a visit to our capital city should definitely be on your list, but don’t forget that there’s so much more to discover. Don’t worry about traveling around, we’ve got a great public transportation network that allows easy access to all places you’d like to go. Another option would be to rent a car or book a tour that includes transportation. If you’re planning to travel around a lot and cover much ground, I suggest to set up base centrally located in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands effortlessly enchants visitors with its picturesque landscapes, canal-ringed cities, and tulip fields.  While Netherlands might always have been associated with rows and rows of multi-coloured tulips, there is actually a lot more to this country. From beautiful churches to winding canals, from a vibrant nightlife to shopping galore; there is something to interest al.  This is a great place to enjoy some interesting flavours at Michelin star restaurants and sample some fine wines at happening pubs and bars.

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Top Places In Netherland

Landscape view of famous Giethoorn village with canals and rustic thatched roof houses in farm area.
Wadden Islands